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Math ~ Skills for Life  Children learn a wide range of new math skills every year in school and  teachers help them make connections to real-life situations.  Parents can help children develop solid mathematical understanding by exposing them to math in every day interactions.

    What Can Parents Do?
          Give your children a small allowance and let them spend some while saving some as well. Teach them to keep a record of their "income" and "spending" much the way adults do. This will provide important practice with computation skills and will help to develop an understanding of the value of money. 
     Include children when you visit the grocery store or eat at restaurants. Looking at receipts and bills will help them to develop a broader understanding of how money works in every day situations.

Telling Time and 
     Understanding Elapsed Time 
What Can Parents Do?
      Keep at least one analog clock in your home and teach your children to use it. It is als…