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Ahhhh ... Summer

Every educator will readily admit that summer vacation is a welcome break. We have time to review the year, rest, and plan for a new group of kids.

Every educator also understands and worries about potential summer loss for our students. Many new skills can be forgotten if left unpracticed until Fall.

Readers need to keep reading so as to not lose ground over the long break. Math skills need to be refreshed now and again to maintain or improve newly acquired skills. Summer can be a fun and relaxing time for exploring new interests too!

"Did You Know...
You can lose up to three months of learning over summer vacation?  Did You Know...
Reading as few as five books will ensure growth in reading skills!?

Participate in summer reading reward program and CHALLENGE yourself: Barnes & Noble Summer Reading
TD Bank Scholastic Summer Reading OR Visit your local library to see what programs they offer!
                            (Baxter Memorial Summer Reading)

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