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Poetry ~ In April and All Year Through

                                                 It's Poetry Month!
Each and every April,
Since 1996
Kids and adults everywhere
Enjoy favorite poetry picks.

The Academy of American Poets
Want to celebrate  poetry
Great poetry is fun
That we guarantee!

So each and every day this month
Try  one or two new poems
You are sure to find that many
Are really reading gems.

Look up some real old poets,
Longfellow, Milne or  Hughes Read Silverstein or Kenn Nesbitt
To giggle with someone new.

So every day in April
Try and learn, one new thing
Read, or write, a poem or two
You'll find it quite amazing! ~ Stacey Sawyer (2015)

    I just LOVE using poetry with children. April is a fun month to begin, but poetry can be integrated all year long! I've pulled together some great resources, click here to learn more