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Keep Them ENGAGED!

Keep your child's brain developing over the summer break, especially when it comes to math and reading skills!  Students need to stay engaged in fun learning activities, and keep their bodies tuned, so their minds stay sharp!    Every child needs to play outside every day and find fun ways to exercise indoors if the weather keeps them in. Keeping the mind exercised can be a little more challenging, so here are a few ideas to keep children thinking all summer long!


Play Games: Traditional games keeps young minds sharp and are a lot of fun! Card games such as Blink, Crazy 8s and Go Fish~
Board games such as chess and checkers~ Car games such as Buzz, I Spy and 20 Questions~ are all fun and easy to play.

READ EVERY DAY! Take a Summer Reading Challenge: Make reading a competitive event. Most children respond well when they set goals and earn rewards. Reading as few as five books will ensure growth in reading skills! This site offers just a few good book list…